Passport NOC & Office Order

Passport NOC for Shoeyb Md. Abdur Razzak Akond

Passport NOC for Sanchita Chakrobarty

Passport NOC for Joynab Khatun

Passport NOC for Md. Habibur Rahman Bhuyan

Office Order (Ex-Bangladesh Leave) for Md. Nazmul Haque 

Office Order: for Md. Samsuddoha Index No 767/1243

Office Order: for Md. Rasel Parvez Index No 772/1130

Office Order: for Md. Minhajul Islam Index No 284/1147

Office Order: for Md. Minhajul Islam Index No 284/1146

Office Order: for Md. Rasel Parvez Index No 772/1022

450-Utpal Sakar- Passport Noc

669-Sheikh Abu Farhan Passport Noc

Office Order: for Khadija Akter Index No 603/462

Office Order: for Md. A. Kader Index No 344/463

Office Order: for Md. A Manna Index No 183/464

Office Order: for Muhammad Alauddin, Index No 307/465

448-Sushil Kumar Sutradhar- Passport Noc

82-Md. Saiful Islam- Passport Noc

048-Md. Sirajul Islam- Passport Noc

Office Order: for Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad, Index No 246

359-Md. Aktaru Hossain- Passport Noc

Office Order: for MD HAFIZ-AL-ASAD KHAN, Index No.605/71

248-Md. Iqbal Haider Bhuyan- Passport Noc

187-Md. Ramjan Ali- Passport Noc

Office Order: for MD. MOHIBUR RAHMAN TALUKDAR, Index No.417/7325

664-Md. Enamul Haque- Passport Noc

772-Md. Rasel Parvez- Passport Noc

506-Mohammad Mojibar Rahman-Passport Noc

417-Md. Mohibur Rahman Talukdar-Passport No

605 Md. Hafiz-Al-Asad Khan- Office Order

184 Uttam Kumar Ghosh- Passport Noc

78 Uttam Kumar Singha- Passport Noc

18 Sudhangahu Kumar Das Passport Noc

722 Md. Ruhul Akter Passport Noc

Passport NOC for Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Index No. 162

Passport NOC for Md. Shahajahan Miah, Index No. 45/4879

Passport NOC of Md. Jahedur Rahman, Index No. 288

Passport NOC of Md. Momin Sheikh, Index No. 145

Passport NOC for Md. Nazrul Islam, Index No. 132/1351

Passport NOC for Md. Sarwar Hossain, Index No. 166/2673

Passport NOC for Uttam Kumar Ghuho, Index No. 131/2732

Passport NOC for Dilruba Harun Sonia, Index No. 511/2733

Passport NOC for Bishanath Roy, Index No. 205/2854

Passport NOC for Md. Mizanur Rahman, Index No. 41/2855

Passport NOC for Md. Sarwar Alam Talukdar, Index No. 607/3286

Passport NOC for Md. Abdul Latif, Index No. 348/3522

Passport NOC for Prodip Chandra Dus, Index No. 122/4217

Passport NOC for Md. Joinul Abedin, Index No. 587/4291

Passport NOC for Md. Sahjahan Akanda, Index No. 38/4878

Passport NOC for Md. Sahjahan Mia, Index No. 45/4879

Passport NOC for Mohammad Ayub Hossain, Index No. 53/162

Passport NOC for Yasin, Index No. 644/5212

Passport NOC for Md. Abdul Kader, Index No. 344/5455

Passport NOC for Md. Usman Ghani, Index No. 137/5918

Passport NOC for Md. Minhajul Islam, Index No. 284/5919

Office Order: for Md. Ayub Hossain, Index No. 182/6160

Office Order: for Md. Nazrul Islam, Index No. 132/6161

Passport NOC for Bishanath Roy, Index No. 205/6519

Passport NOC for Goutom Kumar De, Index No. 589/6813

Passport NOC for Diponkor Mollik, Index No. 552/6814

Passport NOC for Abdul Alim Mojumder, Index No. 330/7072

Passport NOC for Md. Muslim, Index No. 724/7322

Passport NOC for Md. Shamsuddoha, Index No. 267/7366

Office Order: for Md. Abdul Barik, Index No. 33/7440

Office Order: for Abdul Latif, Index No. 348/7603

Passport NOC for Md. Abdur Rouf, Index No. 176/8123

Passport NOC for Md. Nurullah, Index No. 711/8166

Passport NOC for Md. Hafiz-Al-Asad Khan, Index No. 605/8230

Passport NOC for Md. Nazmul Haque, Index No. 625/8455

Passport NOC for Md. Anamul Haque, Index No. 35/140

Passport NOC for Gono Prosad Biswas, Index No. 90/210

Passport NOC for Zugal Chandra Das, Index No. 51/243

Office Order: for Abdur Rouf, Index No. 176/7388

Passport NoC for ABDULLAH- HEL KAFI, Index No. 50/405

Passport NOC for MOHAMMAD JAFAR MIAH, Index No. 167/404

Passport NOC for MD. SAYEEDUR RAHMAN, Index No. 58/406

Passport NOC forZAKARIYA ZEWEL , Index No. 649/1015

Passport NOC for  MST . MASUMA  KHANOM , Index No. 561/1108

Passport NOC forMD. MIHAJUL ISLAM , Index No. 284/1179

Passport NOC for MUHAMMAD ALAUDDIN , Index No. 307/1178

Passport NOC for SUBHASH CHANDRA DAS, Index No. 612/1364

Passport NOC for MD. RAHSHEDUL ISLAM, Index No. 621/1428

Office Order: forMONJUR ALAM KHAN, Index No. 719/1446

Passport NOC  forMD. MANJURUL HAQUE, Index No. 31/1498

Office Order: forMD. ABDUR ROUF, Index No. 176/2225

Office Order: forMD. HAFIZ-AL- ASAD KHAN, Index No. 605/2226

Office Order: forMD. SHAMSUDDHA, Index No. 267/2257

Office Order: for Md. Nazmul Haque , Index No. 625/2486

Passport NOC for MD. MOHIBUR RAHMAN TALUKDAR, Index No. 417/2697

Passport NOC for MD. AMINUL ISLAM, Index No. 655/2755

Passport NOC for T.M FATATHU AMIN, Index No. 525/2752

Passport NOC for MD. MUKTER ALI, Index No. 13/2753

Passport NOC for MD. ZAHAAN-UL ISLAM, Index No. 634/2754

Passport NOC for  MD. MOMIN SHEIKH, Index No. 145/2854

Office Order: for MOHAMMAD AYUB HOSSAIN, Index No. 53/3236

Office Order: forMD. MOHIBUR RAHMAN TALUKDAR, Index No. 417/3274

Passport NOC for MD. OSMAN GONI, Index No. 137/3416

Office Order: for AHMED AMAN YOUSOOF, Index No. 730/3762

Office Order: for MD. AMINUL ISLAM, Index No. 655/3950

Office Order: for MD. Nazmul Haque, Index No. 625/4274

Passport NOC for MOHAMMED ABUL KALAM AZAD, Index No. 246/4275

Passport NOC for Biplob Kumar Sikder, Index No. 693/4108

Passport NOC for MALIHA ISLAM, Index No. 733/4573

Passport NOC for MD. ASADUDZAMAN, Index No. 677/4574

Passport NOC for MD. ABDUR RAZZAK, Index No. 661/4657

Passport NOC for MD. ABUL KALAM AZAD, Index No. 246/4793

Passport NOC for JYOTIRMOY ROY, Index No. 259/4809

Passport NOC for KHANDKER AMIRUL ISLAM, Index No. 361/4936

Passport NOC for MD. Mominul ISLAM, Index No. 659/5285

Passport NOC for MD. MOKLUSER RAHAMAN, Index No. 683/5286

Passport NOC for MD. MOKSHED ALI SHARKAR, Index No. 257/5287

Passport NOC for ABDULLAH SHEREA ALAM, Index No. 65/5291

Passport NOC for MD. HARUNUR RASHID, Index No. 576/5314

Office Order: for Md. Osman Gani, Index No. 137/5710

Passport NOC for Khadija Akter, Index No. 603/5713

Office Order: for Md. Sarwar Alam Talukdar, Index No. 607/6052

Passport NOC for T.M. Fattahu Amin, Index No. 525/6120

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